Anybody try the 150/230F Race Tech shock?

So you all may have gathered that I'm looking to upgrade my '05 150F rear shock. I had my mind set on the Fox, but they have unfortunately have pulled the plug on the 150/230F shocks. I'm sure the Works would be a big improvement, but I'd like something higher tech if it's possible. I've seen a shock on the Race Tech site, and I was wondering if anybody has one on here. --L*64

I only briefly looked at the site, but I didn't see anything. I'd be really surprised if you find a 150f shock other than the normal ones that have been mentioned.

fyi - I think the shock you saw was for a Kawasaki 110.

Race tech does make a shock for the 150f/230f (listed on their site). I have seen one on a 230 out at the track a few years back, but never asked how it performed. It sure looked pretty though!

They make one with, and w/o a res. Go to where you punch in your model, and it will come up at the very bottom. I was thinking about trying the one w/o the res, and just a set of fork springs and emulators in the stock forks for the time being. If it works well-- then I was going to put this setup on my GF's bike, and then go the full boogie with the better shock, and a 150R front end on my ride.

I guess they offer custom lengths as well. I'm wondering what the longest eye to eye length I can go without anything hitting. I'd like to have the one that runs with the 150R front slightly longer to match the 150R front end. 15.25"?

I'm going to call RT. I'll post up about what they say. ---L*64

Looks like I'll have to look again.

Hey Tone-- I looked at your build before, and I was wondering what lengths you would suggest for the stock front end, and for the bike that's getting the 150R front. I called R/T-- they can do whatever length you need. The shocks are $750 with the res, and $799 w/o. Ouch! I'm planning on keeping the bikes-- so I think the cash would be well spent. ---L*64

The shock mod from Hlebo Suspension works really well. While it is not adjustable John really knows his stuff and gets your shock dialed in from the start.

I know-- I've heard alot of good things about his work. I race the bike in the pit bike races, and jump some pretty big jumps with it. I'd prefer to have the best suspension I can get for my ride. I'll be riding it awhile-- so it'll be money well spent IMO. --L*64

i havent tried it, but i did see one on ebay a few years back that sold for $300 lol

its a bummer fox doesnt make their unit anymore, i love mine

I know. I have a Fox Podium X on my KX65 pit bike (<< HaHa! It's pretty scary to ride! It loves to try and throw unsuspecting adults off of it!), and it's a super sweet shock. Race Tech is supposed to have nice shocks though from what I've heard. I'm wondering how long I should go eye to eye with it. I'd like it to match the 150R front end travel, and height wise that I'm planning on running. ---L*64

Hey Luckystar64,

I'd love to help you, but I just can't recall the length of the shock for you. I'm sure someone out here would know though. Guys, help me out.

I'm thinking that if R/T can go 1/4 inch longer than stock on the shaft, w/o lengthening the body-- that would give another inch of travel at the wheel for slightly over 10 inches? If that works out-- then I could shorten travel on the 150R forks by 1/2 inch with an internal spacer, and match the ride heights by sliding the tubes up in the clamps slightly. I just want to be sure that the front wheel won't bottom out on the bottom of the front fender-- hence the internal spacer. ---L*64

The internal spacer you speak of (or travel limiter) only limits travel in the EXTENDED direction, or rebound. It won't do a thing in the other direction, ie, compression, which is your concern regarding whether your fender will crash into the tire.

To control how much the fork compresses, you'll need to either increase the height of the fork oil inside the chamber, or/& incorporate a "bump" stop to cushion/limit the fork's end of travel.

MMM... I see what you're saying, but if you shorten the travel in the extended direction, you can adjust where they bottom by adjusting how far up in the clamps the tubes will sit. We already know that you can slide them up about an inch in the clamps (like how a non- Expert 150R comes stock), and it won't hit. If I slide the tubes up slightly, and run a spacer that limits the fork to 10" of travel-- and I can get 10" out back with a shock-- then that's the goal.

I'm not nearly as concerned about the forks as I am about the rear. I'm thinking that if Race Tech can make the shaft about 1/4 inch longer than they ordinarily would on their shock, w/o lengthening the body-- then that should give me the 10" of rear wheel travel I'm looking for. I'm just hoping that the extra 1/4 inch won't make the shock hit some linkage part or something. Does anybody know anything about this? --L*64

Update: I had the entire rear end of th bike apart to clean out the swinger and linkage bearings and regrease them for the year on the 150. I was experimenting with unbolting the top shock mount, and moving the suspension through it's stroke slightly to see what would happen if I got a slightly longer than stock shock.

Even at a half inch longer or less-- it looks like there would be two issues. There would be issues with the clearance between the shock body, and the linkage parts, and probably interference with the clevis and the linkage. I'm thinking that a longer shock would be too much trouble to gain an inch of travel out back. I guess I'd rather work with a well tuned 9 inches of travel that a stock length shock would provide in order to avoid the clearance problems. I guess I'll determine the actual travel of the Race Tech shock, then have the 150R front end shortened to match.

One more potential problem of a longer shock looks to be that the more you hike the rear-- the more the chain will drag on the swingarm slider due to the more extreme angle of the pivot area.

So it looks like I'll be working with the stock length shock. The Works does have a ride height adjustment, but it's just that-- it doesn't provide any increased suspension travel at all. I'll have to have somebody well versed in shortening suspensions slightly shorten the 150R forks. ---L*64

I put a Hagon adjustable rear shock on my 230, the difference was unbelievable, well worth the money

Never heard of that option before? Where'd ya get it? ---L*64

OK-- I just looked it up. It looks like they are on Ebay UK. Looks like they're fairly inexpensive as well. $294 L-- what does that equate to in USD? I like the simple res- less design as well. About like Works Performance quality it appears, only Works doesn't offer a res- less design for the 150/230. I would look into it as an option to the Hlebo revalve of the stock shock. ---L*64

The 230 i am about to sell came to me with a Hagon shock fitted (also :smirk:)

There is only 1 x adjustment on it which alters the "damping", its an allen screw at the bottom of the shock. I have found it to be difficult to find the sweet spot where the shocker works well.

£300 would be approx $450 which IMO is too dear seeing as the 'works' shock has full adjustment and length adjustment too, if you want a bargain it sounds from all the feedback that Hlebo is the man

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