Sand in motor

So i went to the coast this weekend and it sounds like i have sand in the motor cant find were it got in no cracks that i can see and intake looks seated right. still runs just sounds grainy. guess should i rebuild motor now or just run it tell it fails and then do a full rebuild? or might it be something else that has nothing to do with running it on the dunes.

I don't think it would last very long with sand in the motor,only place for it to enter would be the air filter and it would probably destroy the engine very quickly.Take off the stator cover and have a look in there,there isn't any oil in there and sometimes sand and dirt gets in there through a vent.Other than that it may be a bearing getting ready to fail,if it were me I wouldn't wait till it stopped to repair it,when it dies it may end up being alot more expensive.

What would be the quickest way to look in the motor for sand? top of the head off were the spark plug sits

if sand got through the filter then its allready gone through the combustion chamber and the main bearings and out the exhaust,take your pipe off and look in the port to see if theres any damage on the wall and piston.

pull off your stator cover and tug up n down on that flywheel to check for play

If it sounds grainy but the intake tract is clean, it is probably a bearing somewhere in the bottom end that's about to freeze.

I was told it was a main bearing and would be about 600$ to replace 90% of it labor

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