shift lever hits sprocket, any options?

2004 450 EXC.

I like adjusting my shift lever up above the level of the foot peg so upshifting while standing is easier to do without pointing my toes down and shifting weight to one side etc.. Well, I get it almost where I like it and the shifter hits the front sprocket when shifting:foul:. Are there any aftermarket shift levers with a little different shape that might accomplish what I'm after? I have a 14T front on and would prefer not to switch to a 13 or 12. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this and what if anything they did. Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

Hmmm, I too have mine high for the same reasons on my 525. I have a 14t too. Mine does not hit nor does it on my other KTMS with a 14t. Shifter bent or maybe a tooth too high??

i'll check and see if it's bent, dont think it is though. only moved it 1 spline up from level with peg and it hits. :thumbsup:

i'll update post w/ what i find. thanks

Move it back down and bend the lever up.

I have found that the shift levers from Hammerhead Designs can be raised to a higher position than the standard shift lever, plus they are available in longer lengths for large boots.

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