RM and KTM interchangable?

my KTM rear hub and sprocket snapped...:thumbsup: i figured that instead of buying individual parts, i would get a whole wheel... i found a 2002 RM125 rear wheel... i was wondering if it would fit on a 2000 KTM125SX....i would imagine they would make hubs universal and you take your bearings out of your curent one, and put them in the new one, and the spacers and axel would still fit... instead of making an excel rim for each and every company.

Got Answers???

Thanks guys

Chase Goodling "Twerp" #725

its possible, i have made wheels fit other bikes in the past, but its not a sure thing, they vary a lot!! you need to measure axle size, and distance from sprocket to disc, disc size, and distance from outer spacers to disk and sprocket, i would be surprised if the rm one ends up close to the ktm one.

thanks... i think we will try it and if it doesnt work...we can easilt sell the rim...cause my buddys races an rm and he will buy it

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