Head Gasket Failed... any repair suggestions /recommendations?

Just completed top end rebuild back in late Jan 2011 (OEM timing chain, piston, rings, pin, clips, with Tusk gaskets kit). After 3 or 4 trips to the track, and a couple oil changes later, everything looked and sounded OK. One hour into yesterday's ride, bike stalled during a tight turn at low rpm. I tried with no luck to restart. After a little rest, I verified gas was flowing and that the plug was firing, but she still would fire up. New plug no help. After heading home and washing the bike down, I tried to start it again, this time it fired up on the first or second kick as usual, so I'm thinking.. was it something simple? After spotting some white smoke at the exhaust, I shut it down quickly thinking head gasket was leaking. Quick check confirmed radiator was empty, and when oil was drained is looked milky brown.

Before I open it up to check things over, just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions or recommendations other than the basics i.e. clean everything up, install new gaskets, new oil and radiator fluid? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Check the head for flatness and also the top of the cylinder for low spots

Only use oem head gasket!

X 2! Only use OEM Gaskets!

+3 on using the OEM gaskets. Too big of a pain to R&R a head gasket to justify the savings. Btw, I even had problems with a Cometic gasket set.

Although... IF you have an overbore kit, then you will need aftermarket gaskets as the OEM head gasket's inside diameter is only large enough for standard bore.

Yes sir, looks like that $10 savings on the Tusk gasket kit cost me a weekend of work and $30 more for OEM parts. Gaskets on order, thanks for all the feedback.

Anything else to watch out for other than head and cylinder flatness.

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