Cleaning the Carburetor on my 09 250f

What are some opionions of the best way to do it & the best things to use when doing this work to the bike? Any little tricks of the trade and also what you think is the best type of cleaner etc.... to do the job with too.

Brake parts or electrical parts cleaner

Do not spray anything into the slide area, just wipe it out if you feel compelled to do so.

You can soak jets (ONLY) in carb cleaner though if the oilot jet is clogged or varnished, just replace it. If you must poke at it, use nylon fishing line, no metal.

There are internal rubber parts and unless you are a carb pro, you can ruin the carb. Less is more.

Your going to laugh at first but seriously use Pine Sol.I was not believing it myself but recently tried it on a 30 year old carb from a piece of power equip and it works ****ing GREAT!

And is much safer and more eco friendly to boot.

Wow!! Would have never thought of that! Said main active ingredients are the pine oil and alcohol. What would the exhaust smell like on first start up?

It smells completely like normal exhaust lol, You have to rinse the hell out of it and I blow it out with compressed air afterwords and let it dry for a day or so.

Read that whole link.


Yeah I did read the whole link. I couldn't imagine trying to jet and tweak four carbs to get it to run nice. Working on a Holley 6 pack is bad enough

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