Raced a Hare Scramble on my TTR-250 yesterday...

Circuit was 5.2 miles at a ski slope in Tuxedo, NY. I completed 14 miles (2 + laps) but ripped my bicep and had to bail on the third lap.

The TTR did very well even against nice modern liquid cooled stuff. It did not overheat like a majority of the KTM's I encountered!

The track had a nice mix of mellow switch backs, slow angry rocky woods, some mud, a couple of nice long up hills. Pretty technical overall.

I busted up my levers, and tweaked up the front end some, but was able to ride home without issue.

The only real complaint I have is in the suspension department. The stock shock lost rebound once it got hot, which turned into a challenge. My next change will be to get the forks and shock over to the suspension guy and have addressed.

The best part of all of this is the electric start. Very handy when you are beat up and tired.:thumbsup:

Ride safe guys!


Keep us posted on the mods to your suspension. I'm contemplating doing the same thing with a TTR 250.

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