I crashed! Whiskey throttle?

So the local trails opened yesterday so my buddy and I went and had a great time.

Around a 2nd gear right corner I see a broken tree branch sticking out at an angle that make me think I was about to be impaled... so I put my left hand out to devert it and something happend that caused me to pin the throttle in 2nd gear. I think i did a backflip off the bike and then rolled a few times because I ended up in front of my bike in the brush off the trail.

No injuries no damage, damn I feel lucky. I thought I was going to catapult with the bike over the edge of the hill but luckily all the thorns and bushes caught us both :thumbsup:

Probably better than getting impaled. How is your bike? Oh and you?

From what I can tell the bike only got a few scuffs. Nothing seemed bent. I only tore my sweatshirt and a tiny bruise on my left knee. Much better than being impaled lol

so Note to self... use throttle hand next time

Get a chest protector. I would say on average I take a few hits to my core and arms every ride from branches. It's part of riding trails.

I crashed the other day and got pipe burns on my left upper pant leg and the back of my left glove! Thats pretty amazing considering that my pipe is on the right side of the bike. I'm still not sure how I managed that, I wish I had it on video.

If you took your left hand off the bars that may have lead to your body not being in the correct position on the bike. You are in ruts or hit a bump your upper body moves back because you have less leverage and blamo! WHISKEY THROTTLE!

Get a chest protector. I would say on average I take a few hits to my core and arms every ride from branches. It's part of riding trails.

The only thing about that is, it seemed at the moment that a chest protector could have guided the branch to my neck which would have been so much worse. There really is no way of telling what "would" have happened but I think next time I will be more cautious on the first lap and clear any dangerous branches so I can pick up the speed on the next laps.

This was no ordinary branch. It was a dead wood that had been broken off with a sharp point and angled just right to scare the beejeebies out of me.

I also took it out during the crash.. not sure where it ended up but it was gone when I went to investigate what happened.

I'm just glad all is well and I learned from the experience. I'll be back at it this weekend :thumbsup:

Any crash that you can walk away from with minimal damage to you and your bike; is a good crash in my opinion. You are well and feeing fairly well about the situation. Even though a chest protector may or may not have helped, its probably still a good idea to wear one...


:censored:I had a bad case of the whiskey throttle 2 weeks ago. I was going down a rocky/rutted trail, lifted the front to clear an obstacle and i think my rear hit something i didn't see or some crap, i too was in 2nd gear, pinned it all the way and tossed like a ragdoll!:confused: I screwed up my back good(missed 2 days work) scraped my right arm all up, possbly bruised a bone in my left hand?, and misc. bumps and bruises all over:foul: On the bike, i ripped one of the plastic deflectors off my handguards, scraped the hell out of my pipe, number plate and swingarm.:thumbsup:

First time ever crashed from whiskey throttle.

Ouch! Glad you are ok for the most part.

I will be ordering a chest protector and a neck brace here sometime soon when I feel I can afford it. I know I should not put cost over health but damn some of those things are just insane expensive.

Any recommendations on a neck brace and chest protector that isnt going to cost 500 bucks or more? I think i remember seeing a neck brace for like 150 bucks but is that a case of you get what you pay for?

Thanks guys

Yep, have to watch out for those pesky branches sticking out in the trail. I'm just thankful the one with my name on it last year wasn't a thigh piercing. :thumbsup:


lol im like a world class whiskey throttler

I rememberred this thread from a week or so ago and now I am curious. I was out for the first trail ride of the season Saturday. We had just got into a fast, smooth-ish section of the trail and we were hauling. Third gear. I see some stutter bumps ahead and prepare to carry the front end over them. Next thing I know the bike is pinned in third gear and a tree at the corner is closing fast. I ended up with a slide / crash with minor aches, pains and a headache.

I had never experienced in this in years of riding; it was like my throttle was stuck wide open and I didn't have time to react to it. I was very sore after that and nervious about getting back into the power-band. (well, I did hit a tree on a snowmobile on December 11 and broke 8 ribs 5 months ago.)

Is this whiskey throttle and what's the cure?

yes, it does appear to be thy whiskey throttle. It is mainly caused by bad body positioning on the bike. if you remember to keep your knees in tight and your elbows up, that will greatly reduce the possibility of it occuring, but we all make mistakes from time to time. I just got out riding on sunday, recovred from my whiskey throttle crash 2 weeks ago:ride::thumbsup:

Get a chest protector off Craigslist (maybe $25-35) and maybe a neck roll (~35 new) until then. I think a chest protector is a must in the trails. I use the neck on the track (and the chest for roost). You can find chest protectors on Clist and ebay cheap.

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