im in love with a 250 all over again

been riding a 2008 rmz 450 the last 2 years ......rode a 2010 honda 250f and a 2010 rmz 250f heres my conclusion .....the suzook is better in every area that counts .....motor much better response down low about the same in the midrange but waay stronger up top and pulls higher up handles better in the rough ..the only thing the honda had that i loved was the super plush forks .....other then that the suzook murdered it everywhere ......i thoght coming off a 450 and not riding a 250 f or almost 3 years it would take a while to get back up to speed relearning how to ride a 250f....not so ...the suzook really surprised me with how much bottom and mid it had ...i dident have to murder the clutch if i went into a corner a gear high ...tottaly surprised ....and now i have a 450 for sale ........loll now if i can only find a 2010 or 2011 for a decent price

I agree every bit with you.

Just got done riding my 2011 RMZ250, Best 250f I have ever ridden!

I love my bike as well...I have not ridden the 10 CRF, but have a few friends who own em and have ridden the RM-Z and other EFI bikes...they seem to agree the RM-Z is a sick ride.

Just like with the 05-07 YZ125's which had a shift stopper issue but a cheap and easy fix...Look into putting the 09+ 450 Shift detent spring in.

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