Where's the Cheng Shin Cheapies at ???

Well my stockpile of cheng shin cheapos for my old bike is almost depleted..

seems like NO ONE has the 760 or 755 tires, or even the C183 front.

I can add to cart on a lot of stores, but when I call they tell me they are backordered or discontinued. there has to be someone with a stash of them.

that 760 monster knobby is a good mud ripper and the 755 in 5.30 is pretty decent too for cheap$

anyone know???




im not sure they make chang shin branded tires any more...cheng shin owns maxxis and i think all their tires are sold under the maxxis name.

bummer. I gave up and went with the arcraps brand from motosport.

$87 for a set

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