Melted stator plastic

So I heard a slight ticking coming from my engine when I fired it up for the first time this season... figured I needed to do a valve adjustment. Tried removing the crankshaft access bolt to turn the engine to TDC and couldnt get it off. It was stuck hard.... I ended up finally trying an impact wrench and stripped it out entirely. So now the whole side cover needs to come off, and its stuck on hard too! After much pulling and :thumbsup: I finally get the side cover off....

and find a ton of melted black plastic inside!

The plastic piece that holds the stator wires in place was just a melted lump and there were plastic shavings everywhere. Also there is a baked on film of black plastic on the edge of the flywheel... is it supposed to be there?

Any idea what could cause this?





Hard to see in the pictures but I think I see you are having contact between the flywheel and the stator and also between the flywheel and the clip that holds the wires back. None of this is normal. You are going to have to do some careful checking to find the basic problem. Flywheel too far out, too much float on the crank, side cover too far in.

After looking at some parts lists and pictures online it doesn't look like there is a plastic bushing that holds the stator wires in place. I think the lump of melted plastic is from the flywheel. Can anyone confirm this?

The stator core is insulated in black plastic. hard to tell from the pictures but it looks as if the plastic on the stator is still in tact.

Looks like the flywheel was rubbing the wire clamp.

Looks like the flywheel was rubbing the wire clamp.

Yup... and the previous owner had it apart for some reason and used a queart of RTV to 'seal the wires'. Careful cleanup, care on reassembbly(use threebond on the grommet only. A small dap may be placed in the wires as they enter the gromment but just a dab, not a whole tube ful.

clusby- oh yes I see. The plastic does look to be from the flywheel.

William - I'm not seeing what you are seeing. 3rd pix, I can see the grommet and no RTV that I can see. That lump of stuff in pix 1, 2, 3 is from pix 4

Something (flywheel?) has been rubbing on the wire clamp hold downs. I found in my last stator replacement that you really have to pay attention to how well you push those wire loom keeper/clamp/thingys down against the wires and insure they are clamped tight. If I hadn't taken the time to inspect my work I would have had something similar happen.

It does appear that the mounting bracket for the stator wires was rubbing against the flywheel and scraping the plastic off. The plastic melted and molded inself around the bracket making me think it was supposed to be there. Thanks to everyone for the help!

In your third pic, behind the clamp, was that just loose melted plastic? Looks just like goobered RTV.

In your third pic, behind the clamp, was that just loose melted plastic? Looks just like goobered RTV.

That was melted plastic.

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