Yet another premix question!!!

I am a really big fan of a couple of Synthetic oils, Amsoil is one and Motul is the other.

I am running Motul 2t 800 40:1 in my sons 2011 KX100 and was really thinking about if it is safe for Power Valves? Anyone else running Motul 800 in a Kawasaki KX 85 or KX100??

I looked Motul 800 up on the site and it said it keeps power valves from sticking, so I assume it is ok, but would like to be 100%. I really like this oil, never have any problems with it, low smoke, almost no drool (spooge) and never foul a plug. This bike is "only" used for "racing", (Enduro) it is put away after every race and prepped for the next race.

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