video of the races i made

here is a vid i made fromthe races this past sunday, let me know what you think!:thumbsup:

- Standard deff


for some reason youtube makes the HD choppy on my pc let me know if it does it on yours ?

This is freaking awesome!!!! great shots and that track looks like a lot of fun! I did notice a lot of riders just go flying off the side of a lip... I have never seen people do that. All the track I ride out it would be really hard to just bail off the side of a lip hahaha I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

cool vid... Yes HD does the same to my computer.:thumbsup:

Hahahaha I thought I was watching Ghost Hunters or some sh*t. Hahaha who was that at the 1:15 mark in the first vid? I laughed my a** off. I liked the videos.

hell ya man whoops!!

here is one i did of the kids 50cc class

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