MCCT need regular adjustment?

I've got a 2000 E and fitted an MCCT at 2713 miles. I use the bike for green lanes here in the UK which I suppose could be classed at 50/50 road/off-road.

I originally adjusted the MCCT as per the TT instructions supplied but at 3209 miles I re-adjusted it by ear and got it perfect - nice and quiet.

All has been fine until recently..

I'm now at just over 7,000 miles and I'm finding the the MCCT needs adjusting more often to stop the top end chain rattle sound, probably before every or maybe every other ride.

I generally adjust the chain prior to riding and after allowing the engine to warm up on tick over.

So what's happening??

Am I wearing the guides out or is the chain on it's way out, or both?:thumbsup:

I tend to set the MCCT to the exact point where the chain slap noise disappears, I don't give it 1/8th of a turn just for good measure - should I be doing that?

What do you think chaps?

Cheers, Rich.:confused:

You most likely are making it too tight. Normal adjustment intervals are as often as 10,000 miles but more comon at 20,000 miles.

What you are supposed to do is loosen till you just hear the 'can of marbles' then tighten till most of it gos away. There will be a point when it suddenly quiets a lot. That is where you stop, not where all the sound is gone.

i didn't understand this at first either but, i think alot of people try to get it too quiet, which isnt necesarry, after i set mine i realized it was too tight, and readjusted, now it actually makes a little noise at start up when cold, and slowly goes away as it warms and expands a little. I've read that with the MCCT a little noise is normal as it is not putting constant pressure on the chain.

chain is worn out.

chain is worn out.

at 7k miles? whats the service life of a cam chain?

If a cam chain is overtightened and kept overtightened, 5,000 miles is easy to wear one out. Kept properly tightened, I have heard of guys getting over 30,000 miles out of them.

at 7k miles? whats the service life of a cam chain?

less then 7000 miles when you over tighten the MCCT several times.

Nah, it hasn't had 5,000 miles of over tightening. I've only started doing that over the last 3 or 4 rides (approx 50 to 100 miles each).

I think I will back the bolt out slightly before my next run. Then part way through when she's good and hot I'll set the bolt so the sound almost disappears but not completely. If it then gets nosier on my next run I'll know what the score is, and order a new cam chain....

hey drzdick, where abouts in the uk are you?

East Devon mate, you?

Just an update with this.

I took her for a short ride to ensure she was nice and warm and then set the MCCT as advised above. The following day I did an 80 mile green lane ride and afterwards the sound had not changed as far as I could tell.

It'll be interesting when I next ride her to see if see is still as quiet, or maybe she'll be a bit nosier from the top end until warm and then settle down again.

I'll still be paying particular attention to cam chain rattle from now on just in case the chain is on it's way out but for now all seems fine.

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