02 YZ250 questions

I have a friend who found a 02 YZ250 for sale, and never owned a YZ I have some questions, whats a normal price for one in good shape? It's not all ratted out, appears to be fairly well maintained, but it's been ridden allot. Do the 02's have things to look for? Is there a fairly good aftermarket supply of parts? He wants a trail bike to ride with us, and I told him having not ridden much, a 125 would be far better, but he likes this YZ, so I told hI'm, if possible we can tame it some like my CR250 with a flywheel weight, he will need a bigger fuel tank, spark arrestor, and skid plates, what else?


A YZ250 will be better than a 125 for trail riding, actually... just like any 125 vs. 250. It's not as important to keep a 250 in the higher power band as it is on a 125. A fly wheel weight is a good idea if the trails will have steep/rocky climbs or lots of ruts/bumps to worry about. Depending on his ability level new suspension might not be a bad idea either, but at 5'4" 130lbs I do just fine with stock in the rocky mountains.

I bought my very clean 2002 for $1500, all original papers and manuals included, top end and suspension was redone.

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