fcr float stuck-cali gas has too much ethanol?

put a new oem yamaha sourced float needle and seat into a buddies old yz426 3 or 4 months back.bike was rode behind his house a few times but then parked.got a cell phone call about the carb flooding over last week.told buddy to bring the bike back to my shop .turned gas on -it floods.removed the carb carefully because i didnt want to ruin any evidence of the potential problem.removed the float bowl,float,float needle.found corrosion(white powder) on the needle.cleaned parts and reassembled-no problem now.the raised sides of the needle that ride in the side of the needle seat had very small pits after corrosion was cleaned off.is there any additive for this -i have not tried any?or switch to some form off real(not cali pi$$ water) gas like av gas that wont cause this corrosion.modern autos have about 90% plastic fuel systems -no problem with cali gas

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3-4 months of pump fuel sitting in the carb without stabilizer will do it. Marine Stabil is supposed to be best, I use just the regular type and never have a problem though I do runn my stuff at least once every two weeks for ten/fifteen minutes.

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