Carb leak? Anyone have an idea?

So i went to go on a ride this morning and when i turned my fuel on and started the bike it was just dumping fuel out of the overflow hose at the bottom of the bike which comes off of the carb right below the idle screw. It is a 2000 DRZ400E so i have the 39mm carb. Anyone know why it would be doing this? The bike starts and idles fine. I let it idle for a a minute or two and reved it a little to see if it would stop but it didnt.

im thinking the float is stuck. Is this common?

Most likely debris in the float needle valve, often a few rap will free it. You can also drain the carb, remove the cap on the bottom, turn on the gas and let it flow for a few seconds to flush it. If that does not solve it, you may have to pull the float bowl and float.

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