Hour meters. Which one?

I'm looking into buying and installing an hour meter for my bike. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on which ones worked the best. Not looking to spend a ton of money though. I found some really cheap ones on ebay for like $10. They come from china so I didn't know if these would work fine or if they're just a piece of crap. Thanks for the input.

I also have been using the Hardline meter and it has worked great..I picked up the Re-settable and like the functions.

I had the Trail Tech/Works Connection one for about 3 weeks and it died after I pressured washed my bike.:thumbsup:

Lame..So I retuned it to Cycle Gear and exchanged it with the Hardline meter and it's still going strong.

Alright guys thanks for the suggestions!!! I just now bought 2 Hardline meters for both of my yz's. Thanks again.

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