Thoughts on Dr.D

Found a slightly used full Dr.D for my 08 yz450 in good shape for $275.. Good price? Good qualitly? And I've heard it should wake up my bike some.. will I need to rejet or could I get away with messing with the fuel screw some? Thanks in advance

I run Dr.D's on both my '06's for 3 & 4 years, and my only complaint about them is they go through packing kind of fast by comparison, and that the header usually interferes with removing the front oil filter cover bolt. You have to loosen the header and pry it up out of the way a little. Otherwise, it's been great. It produces a good, broad spread of power, too.

On an '06, it uses the same jetting that works with a stock pipe (45/165 for mine). With the '08, the pilot and main will be OK, but the needle may actually need to be changed with any good pipe. I suggest an NFPP (5TA-14916-PP) needle, clip in 4, and either the stock 45 pilot or a 43, and a 165 main.

Thanks gray, that is exactly what I needed to know.. Do you think $275 is a fair used price? Dude says it has no more than 10 hours use

If it's in excellent condition, and he pays the shipping, then it's fair if you both agree to it.

The pics look good on craigslist, he's located about twenty minutes from me plus he's going to throw in a set of decent plastics :thumbsup: might as well go pick it up.. appreciate the help!

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