D36 LAO Bike At Cycle Gear Bike Nights


Cycle Gear is having thier annual Thursday Night Bike Nights, I will have the LAO Bike on dispaly and selling tickets at some events depending on work.

Here is a link to the schedule.

I will be at the Pacheco & Pittsburg locations, hope to make the Pleasanton & Fairfield ones also.

D36 LAO leading the way in "FREEDOM TO RIDE" to protect your OHV rights and lands. Too many battles to list!!!


Please support your D36 Sponsors.

Thank You

Kraig Traum

:thumbsup: What does "LAO" mean?

Legislative Action Office, D36 LAO doing a lot behind the scenes working to protect our riding areas, riding rights, helping D36 clubs & promotor with land/permit issues in putting on D36 events.

LAO is funded by donations like the raffle bike tickets, LAO calendar and other donations.

Thanks to our sponsors who help support this program.


Mach1 Motorsports


Cycle Gear

Works Connection

Guts Racing

Racer Decal

Motion Po



SPOT Find Me

Touch Plate Inc

No Toil

Dirt Diggers North MC (Hangtown National MX)

GOT "Garrahan Offroad Training"

Kraig Traum

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