where to find tickets for hangtown.


i want to find the best tickets i possibly can for as cheap as possible. If anyone knows where i can find some please let me know. thanks in advance

Have you tried calling the track?

no, do you usually just buy them there?

cool thanks. this is my first outdoor race i am super pumped!

cool thanks. this is my first outdoor race i am super pumped!

Outdoors is the best IMHO. I have been to every Hangtown National since 1986. This will be year number 25.... Damn, I just aged myself big time! :thumbsup:

lol no way your only 39, i am 18 but 39 is still not old at all. it is definitely the best. i hate the 45 second supercross where it is just a jumping course

Yup, I was 15 I think the first year I went to Hangtown. Back then, there was a tunnel that took spectators to the inside portion of the track. The track was WAY more rough and the motos were 45 minutes + 2 laps.

dang thats super cool1 maybe i will see you there

If its still like it was when I lived up there, you should be able to buy tickets at just about any bike shop. And there is no seating chart/different price for tickets. The beauty of the outdoors, pay your fee and hang over the fence and get roosted by the fastest racers on the planet.

It's fun to see the pros race live! I've see Hannah, RC, and others.

I think the first Hangtown MX I went to was 1977. The old Plymouth track was cool with the stream crossing, but the traffic jams were awful.

Some years, it's hot. Some years, it rains. My friend went on a rainy race day. He said it was great since all of the non-hard core fans stayed home. Easy to go anywhere. (Not so good for the promoters.)

You want to watch the first turn up close for at least one start. Simply amazing. As is the big step up jump. Jump 60 feet, land, turn, hit the drop off jump.

I usually ride my motorcycle and have a Camelbak with lots of water, snacks, a hat, suntan lotion, and a small tripod chair. I tend to walk around the track during the race to see various areas.

There are a couple reserved areas stands, for special corporate guests. Some of the best views are in those stands. Start brown nosing at the shops to see if you can waggle an invite.

I think the first Hangtown MX I went to was 1977. The old Plymouth track was cool with the stream crossing, but the traffic jams were awful.

1974 at the Plymouth sand track in a riverbed. I was 17 and the enduring memory is Billy Grossi riding a 250 Elsinore just bouncing sideways down the main sand-whooped straight. His Elsinore tank had a hot pink stripe painted where the stocker was dark green - weird by today's standards.

To get to the infield you would just run across the track whenever you wanted.

I think Marty Smith also won the 125s that day - maybe on a Monarch (not sure).

These days I get there at 9am and most of the fence line is taken over by EZ-Ups, and people tape off their little areas. There is a great infield spot on the far side of the track where EZ-Ups are not allowed. You'll see it. That's where I go and then I walk around to look at the track. It's sort of like the MotoGP at Laguna Seca where the best way to watch is to just buy a general admin ticket and walk the track. The expensive tickets actually are not as good as general admin, as long as you don;t mind walking around.

to all those who replied,

i went to hangtown and it was the most awesome experience of my life, hearing those 110 dcb pipes moto-ing around the track was so sick. i am still having dreams about it. sat right in front of th podium and almost caught dean wilsons goggles. some kid ripped them out of my hand cuz he was wasted but i brought along my sister and my buddies mom was there so i didnt want to make a fool out of him or myself. all together awesome time, so fun got a few autographs and will definitely be going to every one from now on and most likely going to pala later this year. just the 411,

thanks guys

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