yz 125 trail friendly??

what should i do to make my yz125 more trail friendly i ride alot of open wide trails???

my buddy rides one through the mountains and desert of so cal and he does well! most of that depends on your riding style and budget but good starters are the typical performance upgrades like exhaust and reeds... the grarly from fmf is prolly you best choice because of the lower end power gains, but he has his with the gold series fatty that came with the bike when he bought it... you can mess with your gearing (front and rear sprocket) to your liking and your riding style, and even go as far to put on a heavier flywheel to tame it out a bit and a recluse auto clutch to prevent stalls in not so idea situations... its also has a small tank with no reserve so i would suggest an after market enduro tank for better range. suspension can be a bit rough for roots and rocks as well... but after all the expenses of these mods you're prolly better off getting another bike haha... but honestly i like riding my friends bike more that my own '03 WR 250F through mountains just because the aggressive attitude paired with how light and flickable it is. again it all depend on you as a rider hope this helps! :thumbsup:

I’m thinking to get a skid plate, flywheel weigh,diffrent gearing. it has a pro circuit pipe on it now

Wide open trails? Nothing really... A fly wheel weight would only be beneficial if you're doing steep/rocky climbs, in which case you'd be better off on a 250 anyway. On straight wide open trails a fww will only make you slower. Different suspension might be nice if these trails are rough.

What year is your 125? The yz 125 had a few years where it made a small amount of low end..unheard of for 125's.

Flywheel weight is great IF you have enough low power to pull it. Otherwise, it s nto so nice.

what should i do to make my yz125 more trail friendly i ride alot of open wide trails???

I have an 02 125 that I occasionally ride on trails. I would not recommend a flywheel weight on a 125. You want your motor to spool up fast to get you in the meat of the powerband. Do your suspension and if it's not fast enough, do a 144 big bore.

I am 15 and just got a yz125, it will be a great challenge to maneuver it im sure, lol. i have to tip toe it :thumbsup:

but it should be really fun, all that POWER..

the bike is a 95or96

the only thing i would to to that old of a bike is make sure the top end is fresh, the suspension is saged correctly and has fresh oil in it, then the most important is to make sure the jetting is spot on. if the trails are really tight then i would go with a 13/50 sprocket Non Oring chain. or a 13/49 for not so tight. maybe a 3gal tank if long rides were in play if not keep stock. as someone said before do not put a fly wheel weight on that bike will steal way to much HP. you just need to go out and ride. put seat time in and learn clutch and throttle control. My wife rides a 05 125 and rips it up though the woods/desert just about and trails. also kills it at the track which is were 98% of are riding is done.

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