Coming to America

Right then guys got a few questions to ask, mainly things google cant answer lol

I want to come to America to work,and race.

I have been looking at working in the oil fields, does anyone have any info on how to go about getting into this line of work ?

Secondly, where should I base myself to run the GNCC series, or is there a national enduro scene over there or the WORC's series. I race cross country and enduro over here in the UK expert level so I think coming to the america would help my riding alot.

Obviously I need a job that pays well enough to allow me to fund my racing, but I am interested in the oil fields if any one has any info on those.

If you guys have any other info that you think I should know then post it up :thumbsup:

Thanks guys.

Welcome (in advance)! I wish I had some info for you on the oil fields but I don't know much about it. You might do an online search for jobs and see what comes up. I believe much of the rough neck work is in the Western U.S. and far from GNCC but there's some great racing out here too whether it be Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, or California. I'm in Arizona and the riding here is amazing. Do you have any family in the U.S.?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply, and no just me going to pack my bags and come out there as soon as I have done my exams, so thats why I'm trying to get as much info as I can now

I hope you have a smooth trip over. Great to see you in pursuit of your dreams!

Thanks man, hopefully I'll see you at one of the races over there :thumbsup:

Colorado looks like an awesome place to ride. Not so sure about the workforce and living costs over there though. Georgia is a pretty nice place to, a good bit of places to ride and pretty cheap living. It's also pretty nice and has all 4 seasons but non to harsh.

The east coast doesnt really have much oil drilling but there has been a surge in natural gas drilling as of late in the marcellus shale region.

Your best bet at a job with oil drilling ^ Lots of jobs available

If you want to get into the oil fields in the us there are 3 major states that i would look into first would be Texas, then i would check Wyoming and last i would go to colorado. but i warn you that getting on a rig is not going to be easy with are douche of a president and him not allowing permits in the us for drilling. your best bet would be to get a fly by night job in a town that is known for oil, then you just have to get to know people and get your foot in the door i have a buddy who used to work in colorado on a rig and they are some tight nit crews so it will be tough but you never know. Good Luck My friend

Hey, thanks for the quick reply, and no just me going to pack my bags and come out there as soon as I have done my exams, so thats why I'm trying to get as much info as I can now

This is just north of Denver, in Colorado.

Are you looking at jobs that require a college degree, or high school diploma?

Check the career listings on the following company's websites. You can search job openings by state for most of them. Just do a google search for these companies.

Anadarko Petroleum

Noble Energy

EnCana Oil & Gas



Marathon Oil Corp.

S-M Energy


There's plenty more; you can also just google "oil & gas companies"

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the answers guys, what are good jobs over there that I can get into ?

I think the grading system over there is different to here in the UK but im doing my qualifications that let me go to university and Iv got a diploma in mechanics aswell.

Thanks guys

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