stolen DRZ in Alpine


not sure if this is the best place to post this- please keep an eye out for sale or riding around

2005 DRZ with black plastics and clear clark tank... SDG seat... AS shorty leers... <SR +1" shifter.... turkey baster mod... edge tailight...Superman Logo on the headlightshroud... seal sabers...currently with street tires

FOUND! Thanks for looking... idiot forgot to turn on the petcock... two miles away, dropped on it's side in a neighbors side yard... petcock still off, after they probably tried bumping the thing the last half mile

only to walk (I hope) uphill the whole way to the hole they call home

Awesome!!! Congrats to have your bike back. Good thing a lot of criminals are morons.

Proceeds from a stolen dirtbike . . . a couple thousand dollars.

Not having the sense to turn on the gas . . . priceless!

It's great you found your bike so soon. Anyone who steals a motorcycle should be treated as horse thieves were.

Good to hear you found it dude, sorry to hear they dropped it tho.

Crooks are usually idiots. Congrats on the save !

That is some good news! :thumbsup:

The one time you were glad and not embarrassed the gas was turned off:smirk:

You sure dont hear stories like this enough. Bravo! :confused:

Great news!

I did lawn work all day Sunday, then Monday I was working on a buddy's YZ in the garage... my wife walks by and says "THAT'S why you didn't go riding today; your bike is in pieces"

I said "No; this is Tim's bike, my WR is right there and my DRZ is... my DRZ is... shit... where is my DRZ?!?!?"

Thanks for the support guys... the mentality that would allow somebody to walk on to my property and ride off on my bike is crazy to me...

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