what's the difference between the Calif carb

What are the differences between the Calif carb and others for A 2003 drz. There is a different # on the carb, but I think jetting is the same according to my manual. There is another tube coming out of the bottom of the carb, what's that for?? Any performance differences???

extra vent. no other difference.

The extra nipple is for the calf emissions fuel tank vent system. (charcoal canister purge line) No performance difference.

Generally the canister is removed, the fuel tank is vented to the atmosphere, and the nipple on the carb sealed with a cap.

Thanks!!!!! Just checking the collective.

Picked one up on ebay w/ a dyna jet needle (2nd from top) at a good price. reason being I was having some issues w/ my carb and since I'm not the brightest on carb tuning I wanted to give it a try. WOW there was a difference. Only difference was the needle profile ( Dyna Jet needle looked stepped), while mine was adjustable (needle 4th from top) there were some problems w/ a hesitation at a constant throttle at 65-70.

434 BB, Both had 160, 22.5 and 2.5 jets. I'm going to put the Dyna jet needle in the original carb and see what happens. As I want to isolate the problem to the needle if possible.

I only know of 2 needles that are adjustable unless someone fitted an off the shelf SUDCO needle. DynoJet and JD Jetting needles are adjustable. Original needle (sold in the US) is not. Are there any markings on the needle in your carb. Numbers, letters, paint marks?

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