Part out left overs...1991 DR350

I parted out a 1991 DR350S and have some stuff left over...

All kinds of little parts and bodywork

Both brake calipers and systems

Both wheels and hubs(cush drive)

IMS Oversize gas tank


All lighting

Make me an offer!!

Let me know and I can send pics of whatever.

Email me at

All shipped from 63101


Interested in your rear wheel. Any reason you aren't putting up on Ebay?

Just though I would offer them up here first...

shoot me an email and we can work something out

I am also interested in your rear wheel if it is an 18" wheel.

Thanks Tom

Is this the Street version? If so, do you have the turn signals?

How about the passenger footpegs?

seat and gastank? email sent

Updated with whats left!!!

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