rebuilding big bore top end

my bike has a cylinder works 480cc big bore in it but everywhere i look i see 488cc rebuild kits so i'm then assuming my bike has a 488cc big bore.. correct?

anyways where is the cheapest place to get a top end rebuild kit for my motor?

and do i want to run a vertex piston or a wiseco?

can anybody help me on this?

TTT... anybody?

The CW kits comes with a sized (a,b,c,d,) Vertex piston. You need to replace it with a Vertex piston abcd size. The size is stamped on the piston crown.

too late i already ordered everything up.

too late i already ordered everything up.


Huh? How did you order anything if you didnt know what you were ordering?

my motor has a cylinder works big bore kit... the only big bore kit cylinder works has to offer is the 488cc bore.. so i ordered those and the gaskets. i mean what else would i have to order right?

the only thing i wanted to know from you guys is that what was a better piston the vertex's or the wiseco's and where would the cheapest place be for a new top end kit.. but everyone was too cool to help me so i said screw it and ordered everything up

Hope it works for you, I'd help if I could but I am trying to source a big bore kit for my bike right now. Not a 488 just a measly 434. what do you know about the Vertex pistons? who makes them and are they in the league of the Wiseco product? Any info would be great. Hope you got all the right parts and yeah sometimes there's a bit too much snobbery on these sites eh?


434? what bike do you have?

i know absolutely nothing lol.. i called cylinder works tech support and they said they stopped carrying wiseco and only carry vertex now so instead of spending more time shopping i ordered a vertex and left it at that.. but i'm still in doubt if they are better.. i always assumed wiseco was a top choice piston?

little bit yeah.. if you are lucky to get a reply you sometimes don't get the info you need until a week later when the right person decides to reply.. lol.

Wiseco and Vertex are both good pistons. Ive installed both and both are good quality pistons.

Sometimes it boils down to sizing options. ProX, Wiseco, Vertex etc...all decent pistons really, when setup properly.

The issue with Wiseco two stroke pistons were that most guys didn't set them up properly. A lot of guys would set them up too tight and they'd seize. The denser, stronger forgings grow a little more and they need a little more clearance and they'd rattle a bit when the engine was ice cold. A guy would fire up his brand new piston in his two stroke and it sounded exactly the same as it did when he took it apart with the old worn out cast piston. So he thought the pistons were shit. Or the worse, he'd setup tighter and it'd cold seize.

Thumpers with enough oil usually dont cold seize.

Yeah, that oil can be important. Mine got a bit low and that is why I am now shopping for a new piston and cylinder. I have a DRZ 400 and continuous high rpm highway running for fifteen minutes was apparently enough for the piston to say "I've had it, you're walking home!"



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