83 Suzuki sp500 wiring

Hello there, im having a problem with my "new" bike. When i first got it the guy didn't have a battery for it, so i drove it the way it was.

Fast forward a bit i got a battery in there, turn the key nothing, no lights no nothing. Remember now most all lights work, but just dont flash yet.

So i got a volt meter and tested voltage right before the ignition key switch it has ground and power there. I have a wiring diagram but i guess i dont know how to properly use it.

If anyone can help me please let me know! I can supply a scan of the diagram if it will help.

no one can halp me?


Turns out after i fixed the broken pink wire which was something to the magneto and brake light it fixed most everything, but the headlight still doesn't come on until started up. Might that be a function of some older bikes?

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