Newbie w/0250sx

Just want to introduce myself and say hello! I have been "lurking " for a month or so now. I am just turned 40 and decided to get back into riding( have ridden my whole life w/ the exception of the last 10 yrs. My last bike was an 01 YFZ 426 which I loved, had kids and had to quit. My son is now 12 and I got him an 00 KX 80 he has been racing modified atv's for 3 yrs now ( 2 time track champ with 16 overalls)so he knows how to ride an atv but is learning on the bike, so I bought myself an 04 250sx to ride with him, he will not be racing just riding his mom has laid down the law! ( for now). No questions yet except any known issues withe 04's? I will post some pics later but so far I am SUPER impressed with the quality of the KTM, my bike is beautiful! I can not wait to get some seat time on it!

Welcome to the boards VT.

It's a great place to learn all sorts of stuff from tuning your KTM to whether Obama's birf certificate is real!! Just kidding, welcome, I am sure you'll love the 250.

this is a great site. A lot of ktm guys on here. Also if you want to look for parts and other info is a good place too. Welcome back to the sport. I recently had a baby girl about 19 months ago. I can't wait til she can ride!


So far I love the 250. Got great power I love the hit! Any thing I need to watch with this bike? Issues common problems etc? I appreciate the info!

When I started researching ktms I couldn't find any common problems. I would just go through all the bushing and bearing and grease/lube them up. When buying a used bike I always go through the whole thing because I never know how/when the last time it was done.

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