so i found an 05 yz125 for $750 with a bad motor (dont know exactly whats wrong with it yet) and was wondering what you guys think... go for it? or steer clear? also would a 125 be enough to haul me around? im 6'2" and weigh 170lbs. would a 125 be decent or should i look for a 250 2stroke? heres a link to the add with the bike>>> http://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/2322535965.html

it just needs to be rebuilt, New Piston and Ring for the top end, and a new bottom end. thats what it says, so im quessing a full rebuild

if you know how to do it yourself then it shouldnt cost too much.

if you dont know much about working on bikes, then best thing is just get a bike that doesnt need any work. and its a 2 stroke , so it will be easier then a 4 stroke to work on

If you don't mind parting stuff out then the bike in it's current condition is technically worth more than $750 assuming it isn't beat up. The wheels alone in good condition are worth $300ish.

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