Gearing change for '02 KTM300EXC

Hey there guys, I live in Wa state. I ride a lot of tight singletrack trails here. Stock gearing on my bike is 14-52. Right noiw I have 14-53. First gear is really low, obviously, but 2nd gear to me seems a little tall. Sometimes it feels like it is in 3rd gear but it's not. Was thinking about changing sprockets. Want to try a new 13T front and go back to a 52T in the rear. I'm not really looking for top end performance out of this bike as it is just a woods bike. If you really think about it, how often do you go above 3/4 throttle in the woods. I don't for sure. If I put on the new 13T front sprocket, how much faster will that wear out my chain slider on the front part of the swingarm? If I do this, I will probably change that to, get a TM Design Works chain slider. Any thought or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Little Jeff

Little Jeff - I have the same bike, except mine is the MXC. I ride the tight twisty's of Walker Valley and am running 14/49 gearing with a trials tire. I find that this setup works great for my style of riding, the bike has all kinds of low end torque and stands up on the back end with ease it also has enough topend to make my lips pull back in a high speed sneer.

Not sure what the stock gearing was, but this setup makes me happy :thumbsup: If you ever get to Walker let me know, you're welcome to try out my bike to see if it works for you.


I think 14-49 would be a tad to high for me. Never been to walker. Will consider when we get nicer weather for sure. Thanks for the invite

Little Jeff

that change would have you in 2nd more often for sure, but then 1st would be useless. Consider changing 2 teeth on the rear to split the difference. But the front is cheaper to try and maybe you would be happy with it. I like my stock 14-52 for mine riding trees and desert, it is a nice compromise.

It wont wear out the front so you would notice it from my experience with a 200 and 13-46 gears.

The only 54 tooth sprocket I can find is a Moose or Renthal and they are aluminum. Would rather have a steel one for offroad. I also heard from a guy on KTMTalk that with a 54T, you have to modify the chainguide to fit the bigger sprocket. Right now, in certain situations, 1st gear feels like 2nd and sometimes 2nd feels like 3rd. I guess a lot of it depends on how fast I am going and how much momentum I have to. Hope that made sense. Hmmm decisions, decisions............................

Yeah i forgot that 53 is about as big as fits, sorry. Also consider the sidewall heght of tires in the equation to alter the gear ratio effect. A tall sidewall give higher gearing. So you may need to go to a shorter tire or larger tire in conjunction with the gear change to get it right. But still its cheaper to go to a 13t for a test and maybe it will all be solved. Remember to use a KTM factory ffront sprocket to avoid leaks. While the sprockets is off clean the CS bushing with emory cloth and clean the seal with a q-tip, maybe replace the o-ring too.

funny you talk about leaks. I replaced everything (main seal, bushing, o-ring, have new KTM14 tooth sprocket) it leaked right off the bat, first ride to. Isn't there a bigger oring that was supposed to replace original?


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