Adjustable Clutch Lever With Stock Perch

I am looking to get an adjustable clutch lever like the "MSR Pro Raptor" so play with my clutch pull a bit. I don't want a whole perch assembly because I want to keep the electric start switch in the stock perch. Has anyone used an adjustable lever with the stock perch before? I have searched and can't find much on using the lever with the stock perch and if/how it affects the starter switch. I also just ordered a "Motion Pro T3 clutch cable" which should also help with the pull and make it very easy to lube after each ride. Any and all comments/suggestions are appreciated.

2006 WR450

Yeah, i saw that, but I am just worried that if I do that it might be hard on the cable since there would be like a 30* angle it would have to conform to. The pro raptors have a wider spot for the cable to accommodate all three positions. I want to be nice to my new cable. Does anyone have pics of a modded stock lever and how the cable interacts with it? the pics in the link above are no good.

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