I Need 80' TT 250 Help Please

Hey guys I have seen some similar posts but nothing with my exact problem I would love some input. I have a 1980 Yamaha TT 250 I just bought for 450. It starts right up w/ choke but it idles high and as I try to release the choke it bogs out and sometimes backfires. I bought a can of seafoam to help clean out the carb but unsure of the exact measurements to put in or how to use or how long.

Any helpful advice would be awesome



check your fuel intake,also sounds like blocked idler jet.give carby a good clean,hope this helps.never heard of seafoam?

full strength on an empty carb may do the trick, but taking it apart and cleaning everything is the best bet

I agree...take the carb apart. It's not hard and I bet you'll find plenty of crap in there. You wouldn't want a main jet to partially plug and lean it out!

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