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2003 KDX 220 Jetting

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Hey all...just wanted some opinions on my daughters bikes jetting.

I just replaced the stock piston with a Wiseco kit while base-lining the whole bike. Cylinder looks good and other than having lots of two-stroke oil everywhere it looked great. The KIPS is working fine.

The carb settings that it was running:

Air Screw 1 out

Needle R1173L2AFLP 2nd from top

Main 145

Pilot or Slow 42

I checked the jetting sticky and this looks ok.

There is lots of spooge everywhere, running out of the muffler and at the header/muffler joint. She is a beginner so spends a lot of time right off-idle and maybe a little on the needle. She has not learned to rev it out yet.

Bike always started fine and smokes a lot but never stalls and will idle well.

Has FMF Gnarly with Turbine Core 2, plug is black but never fouls. Plug is definitely not tan. Golden Spectro semi-synthetic at 40:1.

We are at 2500ft and temps will be 70-110 for the spring/summer.

Should I just put all the jets/needle back in with the new top end and see what happens? Should I re-jet now...what say you?

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I think the settings you listed are stock and should be ok. I would put the same jets/needle back in, see how it runs, and then start jetting from there. If you get spooge again, try dialing out the air screw to lean out the pilot circuit. If you dial out (CCW) past 2-1/2 turns with the air screw, then go to a 40 PJ. Once you get the pilot right and it still spooges, then you may have to go to a 142 main. Another possibility that could lead to a rich condition is worn reeds. May want to replace the reeds now that you have it opened up.

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