Newbie/Oldie here with a few ??? Dirt Digits??

Whats up Guys and Gals.....Newbie to the site...just thought I would say Hello :thumbsup: bought my 8 year old son a CRF70 last month for his Bday and of course he needed someone to ride with so I found a sweet deal on a 07 KX250F with a ton of gear and extra's :confused:

Had ALOT of 2T's over the years and figured I would see what all the hype was about...and I must say its a nice ride...put quite a few hours on it over the past few weeks...enough to warrent an oil/filter change...air filter clean and ect....

I want to throw some cool graphics on her and after hours of research online I found Dirt Digits website... seems pretty cool you can take a stock design for your bike and add what ever logos you want on there.... are they a pretty reputable company as for as price and quality???? Should I be looking somewhere else? And the plastic on the bike is in pretty good shape...a few scratches on the front/back fender but nothing major...can I just put the graphics on them or should I buy new...and If I go new which is better plastic

Acerbis or UFO or some other company???

Sorry for all the ???'s been out of the riding scene since my boy was a baby

Any and all advice/help will be MUCH appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks ALOT>>> Have fun and ride hard...just be safe

OEM plastic is really the best you can get, but i've never really had any issues with acerbis. As far as dirt digits go, i used them once and wasnt totally thrilled. The fitment wasnt the best, and I they didnt seem as thick as decal works or or the other companies (this was number plate pre prints only, not a full graphics kit). Look at decal works, factory effects, speed graffix, therse TONS of companies out there that do good work.

For the past few years I have been using UFO plastic and decalmx graphics.....And have been very plaesed with both.....

i used One Industries for my bike....i got it all off of ebay from seller who has a lot of graphics.

very happy...few blem's but thas from the installler..... ;(

Thanks for the info everyone!!

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