what to do???

Well dang, My 1995 CR250 broke something in the kick start area and in the mean time it broke part of the case too.:thumbsup: SOOOO I am at a cross road. I know money is going to have to be spent but I wanna do it the smartest way. Either spend 600 + bucks to rebuild my motor top to bottom and that is a price with getting used case "if I can find one", or sell as is for a low low low price," not to smart" or, something creative that you guys here at this great forum can suggest me to do. It just happened the other day so I am still putting the word out to some friends in the business as to possibly help me find a beater motor I can rob parts from. I am open to some ideas as to which direction I should go. I like the old style frames so getting a later model(97 and newer) isn't something I wanna do..So here ya go fellas, help a bro out and list me some ideas as to what I should do..

Thanks, Shaner

id fix it cause no matter what u have to spend money to fix it or buy a new bike:ride: and if u fix it you will have a mint running bike :thumbsup:

spend the 600$+ and get it fixed, you will be happy.

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