05 CRF 50 Upgrades?

Well, I have a 2005 CRF 50 I am looking to upgrade. I don't want to go crazy and spend a bunch of money. Basically I'm looking to upgrade my engine and suspension. I need new front forks (originals bent), would like the bike to sit up higher in the front and back. Any ideas on what I should get for my front/rear suspension? I am clueless when it comes to suspension. I am 6'1'' 190lbs. Also, I am looking at buying a 88cc big bore kit, 4speed transmission, and manual clutch. What do you all think of these all together? Any suggestions on which big bore kit I should go with? The links below are things I thinking about ordering soon. Thank You

Big Bore Kit


4speed Kit


Manual Clutch Kit


High Volume Oil Pump


All pretty solid choices. I have trail bikes stuff on my crf70. I would recommend getting the race head kit for 349. Its what I'm running and I think its worth the extra dough for sure. Obviously you get the head but you also get a new CDI box and free shipping. I also run the trail bikes clutch, it doesn't add performance to the bike but having the hand clutch makes riding a bit more fun. As for suspension you couldn't go wrong with some BBR sp-5 forks and a fox float shock in the rear.

I got the tb bore kit with race head for about 280 free shipping I'll find the place I bought it from for ya the only thing is you have to assemble the head Wich is easy. I got ahp 4 speed for 149.99 shipped and manual clutch for 160 shipped the bore kit should come with a high flow oil pump. But that's what I just put on my crf50 and it's a big difference all around I haven gotten forks,swingarm,shock yet cuz that's getting into the big bucks but you'll like the way your bike rides when you get those parts

Bore kit was at http://blujay.com/ for 275 shipped,

Clutch kit was at 50cal for 165 shipped ,

Ahp 4 speed was on eBay 149 shipped,

Your gunna need a clutch nut socket I got on amazon,

And maby a gasket for when you split the case,

A clutch lever( I just used one off a bike)

Assembly lube,oil,thread locker(for engine mounts)

Amazingelex YouTube videos and patience.

PTECH, Thank you for replying. As far as suspension, I think what you have mentioned is way to damn expsensive for what I want to use it for. I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money, basically just want it to sit up a little higher, and in the front have taller handle bars so it is more manageable for my long legs :thumbsup: Anything cheaper forks that are longer and come with triple clamp and bars?

Te511, Thank You for replying with all of this information. I think I am going to order the big bore kit you mentioned with the race head. I will get the manual clutch kit and 4speed from www.hondatrailbikes.com. I wonder if they would match the big bore kit with race head price from the site you mentioned.

I'm not so worried about the best suspension, more for ride height of the bike, what if I just went with 1" extended fork legs, and a 10.5" rear spring like the ones I will post below. Will that make it sit a little bit higher, and sit even?

10.5" Rear Shock


1" Extended Fork Legs


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I bought a joker handlebar kit which makes a huge difference more control and your knees don't think of hitting them.

I also have a pit king seat and tank raiser, it moves the seat and tank up three inches and back 2.5.

And a tall seat always helps.

I don't know much about forks but I know you can go on eBay and but a swingarm kit with disc brakes, shock,tire and rim for about 200-300 bucks but most aftermarket swingarms dont bolt up to the stock frAme! BUT If you go to http://www.50caliberracing.com/pitbike/swingarm.htm they sell a relocation bracket to fix that problem.

Glad to see someone whos as

Interested as i am

I own an '07 crf50, I opted to keep it as a 50 and just make it a bit more adult friendly. A stronger peg mount, new larger pegs, a longer shifter, heavy duty springs, taller bars, better tires, the only engine mods are; A more aggressive cam, a CDI and adjustable ignition, this replaces the big flywheel and lets it rev quicker due to the weight reduction on the crankshaft, plus you can advance or retard the ignition, an aftermarket pipe. It goes alright in my small figure 8 backyard track, which is mad fun. The reason I didnt mention what brand parts I'm running is because most of the companies that make these parts make quality, its just upto small personal preferences as to what you'll run. Anyway enjoy the backyard beast. You can invest thousands of dollars on these machines, but that's for the klx110's!

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