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01 xr400 linkage grease

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Hello everybody,

Got a pretty newb type question here:

I'm planning on greasing my rear linkage. But as my bike is currently my only source of transportation, I don't want it to be out for too long. Or mess up and have to wait for parts or specialized tools etc.

I'm not sure when the last owner lubed it(any part of the bike) or if he ever did... my swingarm bolt is seized but it does move and I'm currently soaking it. That(basically) tells me that he didn't lube the bike.

1) So, can I grease all the linkage bearings/pivots without any special tools?

2) Any tips? (does anything fly off and get lost?... start from top and work down? start from bottom and work up?)

3) My plan is just to wipe off gunk, inspect for damaged parts, and re apply grease.... Should I buy any parts before I start?(do I HAVE to change dust seals?)

4) Can I get everything assembled again by MYSELF?

5) Should I do my swingarm also while it's taken apart?(I'm guessing yes)

it looks like an easy job... a little too easy, which makes me wonder if I'll need any special tools/ tips/ etc.


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