a few problems with my 2010

first off, i just replaced every part of the head, except the head itself all valves guides, full top end everything. valves are in spec and everything checks out fine.

1. my first problem is its white smoking bad! its oil, not antifreeze i can tell. i put new valve oil seals, piston oil seals, and my cylinder is pretty new. any ideas?

2. my bike is backfiring really bad its back firing a little on acceleration and alot on decellaration. when i have the choke on it runs awesome, so i went up a pilot jet froma 40 to a 42. didnt fix a thing. any ideas?

thanks in advance. let me know if i need to clarify anything.

Probably an oil control ring issue.

The oil ring can be tricky to install correctly. Slightest mistake and the oil practically flows into the combustion chamber.

In fact, so much oil can go in there that it does not even smoke the usual oil blue.

The popping is probably an exhaust leak issue. Or the hotstart.

i will take it apart and check that everything is installed correctly, i cant find an exhaust leak anywhere so i will check the hot. thanks. anyone else?

head gasket maybe? white somke usally means antifreeze. cracked head? sounds like your getting air and water in there.

white somke usally means antifreeze. cracked head?

Usually yes, but he says he can tell it´s oil. There is a big difference between water vapor and oil covering the exhaust.

When a little amount of oil enters it burns off blue. When enough oil enters it just smokes white and everything is oily.

I´ve seen it happen. A buddy managed to bend the lower ring of the oil control ring between the piston and cylinder wall. You would think it can not happen, but they are really thin.

yeah im sorry this one was on me. and yall are both right. the exhaust is blue. sorry dmauro, and thanks.

yea i have a hard time with those oil ring when sliding the cylinder over, i got so fustrated once i had to stop and do it later

I lay the cylinder on the bench, then slide the piston in when I have control of the rings and can see the whole thing.

Then I turn the whole enchilada over and mount the piston pin and circlip on the engine.

i will try that next time,sounds like you have three hands tho.

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