XT 350 help in Los Angeles


I'm a Brit living in Manhattan Beach, CA - I have a 1999 xt 350 with 1500 miles on it-it's in incredible condition but it needs some maintenance- it is tough to start up- and then it backfires alot. I'm looking for someone to work on the bike with me- I'll happily pay- I just want to watch/help rather than just take it to a shop. I reckon it needs carb cleaning and poss rejetting.

Let me know if u can help!!!

Cheers, Marcus

Drill out the brass cap in front of the float bowl so you can adjust the Pilot screw. Set it to 2 1/2 - 3 turns out from bottom. This alone should fix your starting problem if your intake boots are ok.

You may need new intake boots. If you plan on keeping the bike for a while, get a new set anyway. They go bad over time and the salty ocean air doesn't help since corrosion is the problem.

If it still has problems, you'll need to take the float bowl off.

Check to make sure the Main jet is a 125 and not a 120. The older CA bikes had a 120 main, but the newer ones show a 125 in the parts list. Not sure if the parts list is accurate.

I'm a little too far away to swing by and give you a hand, but the first 2 items don't involve taking the carb apart.

Jason thanks for the response much appreciated.

cheers, Marcus

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