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2011 kx250f

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Hello all, new member and was wondering if anyone has had a problem with a 2011 kx250f not starting unless you hold the throttle wide open? we were at salt lake city this past weekend for supercross and the bike would not start the morning of the race. we had to bump start it. in practice my rider said it didnt have any bottom end, so the next practice we had to bump start it again and he said it was worse. he could'nt even do a lap it was running so bad. so i went back to the pit and checked valves, tried a new TPS, tried a diffrent tank and fuel still will not start. when we do get it to start it will idle hi for a few seconds then die? i have until wed. night to figure it out cause we are leaving thurs. morning for vegas and not sure what else to check. I just took the throttle body out and the injector and did not see any thing out of the ordinary. Gared Steinke was in 18th place in points until this weekend, but we are still 20th in points and need to figure this thing out for the east west shootout. If any body has a idea as to what to check please let me know. I am gonna try and get it to a shop tomorrow to see if there are any fault codes. We are as Privateer as they come and any help will be greatly apprecitated! Thanks again also the rider informed me he left MR PRO5 in the bike for two weeks after seattle?

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