XR80 rear suspension linkage

Watch out for the rear suspension linkage. I bought a 2002 XR80 a year or two ago and recently noticed there was a squeak coming from the rear suspension. I wasn't sure if it was the swingarm, shock or the linkage itself. I took it all apart. The swingarm was still lubed quite well, but the bushings in the leakage were bone dry. Such is what happens when buying used.

I put the linkage back together with the Honda moly paste, relubed the swingarm while I had it apart, put it all back together and no more squeak. Seems a bit smoother, to boot. Some of those bushings were burnished to the point that they looked chrome plated -they were that shiny in some spots. I measured the bushings and collars and they were still within spec, but if I had to replace them, it would have been over $100. If you were to buy the linkage assemblies, you're talking $280.

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