Good deal of a CRF250?

I'm re-posting this in this forum because no one in the Honda forums seems interested :thumbsup:

I can get a 2004 CRF250 for about $1400. I'm wondering if I should jump on it or pass.

I'm new to motorcycles and perfectly happy with my YZ250F, but I'd like to get another bike to have around. Then some of my friends who can't afford a bike could ride with me or maybe I could get my brother into it... The point is I don't NEED it so I'm happy to pass if it's no good.

I've heard that Honda thumpers are hard on valves. This bike will probably never get raced and only ridden of trails or forest roads, will it still wear the valves quickly?

Is there anything in particular I should look for if I go to check it out? It seems like a really good price so I'm thinking there might be something wrong with it.

And just out of curiosity, how does it compare to my YZ?


Might not be as durable as your YZ and it more than likely has some problems if the guy is only asking $1400. It's probably in need of a top end and some other things, if you're willing to do that.

I would pass...used up 250Fs are a dime a dozen. People ride the hell out of them and sell them. Many are a grenade waiting to happen.

I think I might check it out anyway and see if he'll come down on price some more. Looks like if I wanted a whole new head assembly, I'd be running around $600-700, maybe less depending on how much I can do. Maybe throw in a new piston... Then I'd probably be in around $2000... I guess I'll see how low he'll go.

Pass on it if you dont need the bike then wait and get a deal on a yz

Pass on it if you dont need the bike then wait and get a deal on a yz

Haha, considering your name and icon this must be serious!:thumbsup:

... Wait I just read your sigline. Care to elaborate?

gotta be something wrong at that price, they get parted out if it's much cheaper than that

I would figure in new head/cylinder/piston/crank/suspension service and if it still works out mathwise then maybe

762 Family bleeds Honda red but ever since I got my 07 yz I have to say that I dont really miss the red.

Could always pick up a 125 smoker for cheap. Since its a 2nd bike it might be fun for you to switch between 2t and 4t as well , while providing a ride for your friends that dont have bikes!

Good point.

Then again any good deal on a 2t will go to my buddy who is looking for a 125 or 250 2t:bonk:

A blown up 250F is a money will never get the money back from rebuilding that engine. It will be just another 2004 250F...worth about $2000-$2400

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