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Updating my gear

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Currently have boots, helmet, goggles, gloves and like a Thor roost deflector. Looking at for sure buying some knee protectors and elbow protectors considering it those are the first to hit ground when i bail.

Which ones should i get for a reasonable price? What are you guys using? Comfortable?

Also debating a kidney belt not sure which ones are good, have done some research but not much for reviews except a few on the site here.

And finally definitely going to pick up the EVS RC3 race collar cause i've heard good things about it on the reviews section.

I appreciate the input guys!


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heres what i run. I generally tend spend very modestly i constantly search for discounts, clearence gear etc. Theres a ton of it out there you just need to know where to look. With that said though there are two places that i dont skimp on because of price, and that are boots and helmets, i wear the best that i can afford.

Gear: I have three pairs, thor phase, troy lee air gear, and most recent One industries Defcon. All were bought on clearence for less than a 100 bucks. I am happy with all of it, its the mid price gear from all the companies but i have had no issues with quality. fit is all about the same the One industries is a little baggier than the other stuff but other than that its all very comfy.

Helmet: I run a Bell Moto8, it is by far my favorite helmet i have owned to date, but again helmets are something that is a personal preference thing.

Goggles: I really like the Spy Alloy, far price in my opinion and a great set of goggles. Plus tear offs are very readly avaliable.

Boots: Just got a set of the latest Jett J1's, i absolutely love them.

Knee Braces: Got a hand-me-down set of astrisk from a buddy, theyre ok not my favorite but it saved me alot of money so i learned to deal with it.

Neck brace: Got a very good deal on the A-star BNS, i like it barley notice it when i ride any more, only issuse is chest protector fitment.

Chest Protector: Troy lee 5900, or something like that i cant remember exactly but its an under jersey unit, just a roost deflector but its works very well with the neck brace. I used to run the Thor sentenial, but issues with the neck brace caused me to switch, but it was ok, i had two of them they run a little small imo.

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