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My name is Craig\ i live in australia

i am having trouble finding the right settings for my kx 450 f 2011 mod. i have 20 offset clamps on the bike run 100m of sag and have a lowering link on it. it sears awesome on hard-pack/ super-cross style tracks however you have to slightly ride off the back off the bike so it does not turn in too much but once rolling on the gas it settles really good and sticks great front and back- you also experience a little headshake too from 3 gear into rough corners - up front i am running 8 out on both ends- feels a little harsh should i run 11 or 12 on rebound and leave the 8 comp

with sag i am thinking of going to 103 to 104 to chopper the bike out because it wants to turn in slightly on itself on loose ground and to lessen headshake. so far i have the rear at 8 out comp and 17 out rebound with 1 turn out on hsc. the back seems fine and doesnt kick etc- so i think it it the ride height causing me all the dramas

the forks are 1 m up

i was thinking on the following -

increase sag for stability and to help not in turning so fast- take weight off front wheel/ reduce head shake - and move the forks flush

increase front rebound to reduce head-shake and to stop the harsh feeling

i am 200 pound with gear

am i on the right track?

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i am 10 and 10 on the front- 2 turns out on the rear HSC and 17 rebound 8 comp

forks flush- 105 sag

very happy with :smirk:

anyone got any suggestion in tires- getting great life out on the 403 & 404 any better choices out there?

i ride hard pack/ intermediate

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