vent hose wont stay put

the vent hose on the fuel tank keeps jumping out of place over jumps and getting in my way down by the side panel.what can i do to keep it in place?

The hose could be too old to have any elasticity.... what I do is, cut maybe a 5mm piece of the same hose and with some needle nose pliers, stretch it over the vent hose that slides onto the gas cap vent. It gives it more hold and I have never had one fall off.

sorry i meant it wont stay in the steering stem it stays on the cap just fine

Ah! Thought maybe that was the case after re-reading... just use a zip-ty to your cable on the side of your frame. If the vent line comes out, it must not be long enough.

ill give that a try might see if i cant find a test tube stopper and drill a hole in it aswell

We have a black zip tie around the streering stem, loose enough to tuck the vent line in, but tight enough to keep the line in place.

as new, they come with an additional piece of slightly larger hose placed on the end of the vent hose. This makes the diameter larger, and thus the hose stays put much easier as it is a tighter fit in the tripple clamp opening. (didn't know that till i just picked up a low hour 08crf450 to give some relief to my tried n' true 04). My 04 hose would occasionally come out as yours does, and in harescrambles i dropped the cap one time on a fast fuel stop..

Just find 1" of hose that will fit over the end, or what i did (could find exact and was in a hurry) cut the side of a 1" section and then wrapped around the end, then 1 layer of duct tape to hold the piece on the end of the vent hose.. Working like a champ.

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