Flatslide/roudnslide non-pumper on a KLX300?

Hi Guys and Gals,

My girlfriend bought herself a KLX300 to come trail riding with me. The first thing I noticed was the carb being nice and gentle which was great for learning on. She has ridden a few times now and has since complained about pickup after riding my 150cc mini :thumbsup:

I have a 26mm flat slide mounted to the mini which gives very snappy response (it's primarily used as a motard bike).

I was wondering if anyone has mounted a flat slide to their 300? Has anyone mounted anything other than a pumper carb as an upgrade (eg, a 35mm round slide)?

The pumpers review very well, but I'm not looking to spend ~$300+ on a carb if I can get away with a ~$150+ non-pumper... Any suggestion welcome!

Thanks in advance,


If you don't find the non-pumper info you are looking for here, check out the deals on ebay: I got a beautiful FCR from an 02 YZ250F shipped for $107- came with throttle assy, hotstart on the carb body for simplicity and the slide looks brand new. They are not a straight bolt in, but this era of FCR is supposedly the easiest to fit, and jetting should be close as well. Just my .02.:thumbsup:

Is there a site/sites that will tell you what "current" make/models will work on other bikes?

Four strokes need the pumper to avoid bogging when going from idle or cruze to wide open. The stock CVK carb uses the vacuum diaphram slide control in place of the pump.

Does the KLX300 have any mods to it? A Dynojet carb kit will perk up the response.

Ride on


Thanks for the quick replies guys!

SSD - I've been keeping an eye on ebay, I'm yet to see a cheap FCR (or Mikuni TM etc) :thumbsup:

BRH - Not that I'm aware of.

Brewster - That sucks (or blows? :confused:), although I'm mightily tempted to experiment with one though as I know of a guy running a 30mm OKO flat slide on a China 250 and once he pushed through the headache of jetting it, it ran very well. The bike has no mods beyond the stock exhaust being unplugged and the air box lid removed (with appropriate larger standard jets), this had been done before I got the bike.

I might just keep my eye out for a cheap pumper at the moment and if I get a loaner, try throwing a flat slide on there and trying to jet that... I'll let everyone know how that goes if it occurs :worthy:

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