CRF450R Subframe

Unfortunately I bent the subframe on my 2010 CRF450R again; I got away with bending it back straight the first time I did this but this recent time it broke the top cross member whilst attempting to straighten it.

Given the 2011 CRF450R received modifications to the subframe to strengthen it (09/10 models have a notoriously soft subframe), does anyone know if I’d be able to bolt on an original 2011 model subframe to my 2010 model bike? As the plastics are all the same, I’m hoping it would bolt on as a straight replacement and I'd benefit from the changes.

Alternatively if anyone has suggestions for aftermarket manufacturers (apart from AC racing who I’ve contacted but haven't yet received a response from) who make subframes for the CRF 450R?

Thanks in advance!

Easiest way to find out is to look up the 2010 part number and see if its been updated with the 2011 part number.


Easiest way to find out is to look up the 2010 part number and see if its been updated with the 2011 part number.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for the speedy response. It definitely is a different part number. The thing I’m thinking is that if the frame hasn't changed and the plastic hasn't then they might be interchangeable.

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I think if they are just updated parts because the others have proven themselves to be inferior they update the part number to the most up to date part.

If the seat, plastics including airbox, pipe all interchange I highly doubt that they messed with the mounting locations.


Thanks again Joe.

It turns out the exhaust mount changed too between the years (as did the frame part #) so rules the 2011 part out.

If anyone has anything regarding aftermarket replacements then I'm keen to hear about them.

I think the mounting point for the muffler is all that changed.

Plastic is interchangeable. I have both bikes

Thanks for the responses guys. Pretty much rules out the 2011 subframe.

Also AC Racing responded;

"Were planning to make one but don't have an eta at this time and I don't know who else would have one except the manufacturer."

Kinda odd given that I found a part number by them for it (56-2588)....

If you werent so far away I could make you one.

I'm pretty sure an 11 would bolt up to a 09 but you would need to upgrade to and 11 slip on exhaust.

It would be a good upgrade for an older bike. My son says his 11 feels like a totally different bike than the 09. Add the 11 link, revalve the steering damper and it would basically be an 11 spec frame at that point.

You can get it welded too , and that would make it stronger for the next time you dump it.

All good points and advice, thanks.

Once I took it off (broken in two) and it was unsprung it was clear that it was still considerably bent, welding it would have been an option but i'd still have had to bend it back straight, could have heated it up I guess or bent it before I got it re-welded but in the end I bit the bullet and bought a new OEM replacement.

If you add some gussets in the right places , that any welding shop could do , it would make it alot stronger. And i`m saying that about you new frame , so you don`t bend it again. Its not that to have it done.

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