top end rebuild

what do i need to do to rebuild my old 2001 yz250f. just top end. could i just pull it down and replace the piston and rings and the pin on do i need to work on the cylinder and valves as well. or could i just replace the piston rings

Depends how bad it is. I would defietely measure the cylinder, and have it rehoned, if possible. Install a new piston and rings. Do a leak down test on the valves. Maybe have a dealer look at them. Replace the timing chain also.

the bike is running fine. valves are perfect, timing chain is perfect. just think it might be time for a freshen up

well, that case. do piston and rings, and the timing chain. for as cheap as the chains are replace it, even if you think it's fine. They do stretch and wear out, which affects the timing over time

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