96 to 04 YZ 125 Pipe Compatibilty

Hey guys. Just need a refresher on what fits what.

96 to 98 : pipes are the same (O-rings on the outside of the flange)

99 : Runs O-rings on the inside of the flange

2000 to 2001 : Flange changed size but still ran o-rings on the inside of the flange?

2002 to 2004 : ??


I have a 99. Just checking if I can use any later model pipes on the bike.

your correct about years 96-98....99 has the same mounting spots as 96-98 but has the flange that fits over the cylinder...00-01 have the flange that fits over the cylinder, but have different mounting than the 96-99, 02-04 have a different silencer mount and different header mounts with the flange that fits over the cylinder.

All in all I've gotton pipes from years 99, 00, and 02 all to fit my 00 yz 125 with some creativity.

Thats all I wanted to know. Thanks for that.

So pretty much 99 to 04 it is possible to make them fit with some tweaking.

Mainly reasons for this :

Pro - circuit no longer list a pipe for 99 to 01 models.

FMF still do. But only in the fatty model.

Just wanted to know unless I have to source a new model yz pipe and "make it fit"


Thanks again.

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